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The Report Center contains 3 sections: Reports, Graphs & Charts and Quick Stats. These reports help you track the performance of your YP Pay Per Call ads and optimize your campaign. You can view all your reports online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To access the Report Center, click on View Reports below the Reporting Summary section of your My Account page. To learn more about the individual sections of the Report Center, click on the corresponding link below:

Reports – Review call activity from your YP Pay Per Call ads (your entire account summary or individual ads), activity from specific callers, as well as charges and deposits to your account.

Graphs & Charts – Create visual reports of calls by day, time or call results.

Quick Stats – Customize the important statistics you want to see at a glance.

How do I export my reports? You can export your reports into formats including Excel, Comma Separated (CSV), XML and Adobe PDF. To export a report, select your criteria and run the report. After a report is created and viewable online, use the drop-down menu to select which type of format you'd like to export the report, chart or graph. After selecting the format, click Go.

What do the various terms in the Report Center mean? Below are definitions of items you may find in your YP Pay Per Call reports.

Term Definition
Charged Calls The number of calls from your ad(s) in a given time period for which you were charged.
Uncharged Calls The number of calls from your ad(s) in a given time period for which you were not charged (these include repeat calls from customers within a 3-day period).
Callers Individual callers as determined by an identifier, such as a phone number.
Answered Calls Calls in which the telephone was answered either by a person, IVR or answering machine.
Busy Calls Calls where the line was busy.
Unanswered Calls Calls that were not answered.
Call-thru-rate Call-thru-rate is the number of calls divided by the number of times an ad was shown (Impressions). Call-thru-rate is calculated only with calls originating from partners that report impression data.
Estimated Impressions The number of times an advertisement was displayed in a given time period. Not all distribution partners report impression data, so the amount is estimated using the number of calls and Call-thru-rate.
Average Price Per Charged Call (Avg. Charged Call) The average amount charged per charged call in a given time period.
Charged Call Amount The total amount spent on calls from your ad(s) in a given time period.
Total The total amount spent on all charges for YP Pay Per Call advertising for a given time period.
Avg. Call Length The average call length for all answered calls.

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