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Ad Manager

The Ad Manager allows you to fine-tune all of your Pay Per Call ads. More specifically, you can edit, delete, place on schedule, pause or activate existing ads, or create additional Pay Per Call ads. The Ad Manager displays all ads in your account with their current Max Price Per Call, Ad Status and your competitors' prices. To learn more about each of these items, click on the links below.

Optimizing Your Ad – Learn how to edit and enhance your Pay Per Call ad to increase the number and relevance of customer calls.

Ad Status and Scheduling – The Ad Status tells you whether an ad is currently running. View a list of ad statuses and what they mean, as well as detail on how to manage your ad's status with schedules.

Price Per Call – The Max Price Per Call associated with an ad is the maximum price you are willing to pay for a call from a potential customer. Understand how to determine your Max Price Per Call and view your competitors' prices.


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